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Vincenzia and Paul Ciarametaro

Frontiero Family Memories as told by Virginia Frontiero McKinnon

Roger Conant

Roger Conant was recognized as the first planter to successfully start and maintain 
a Gloucester settlement in 1625.

Onni R. Erkkila, 1914 – 1981

Onni R. Erkkila - Photo courtesy of the Erkkila Family

Stuffy McInnis

John Phalen "Stuffy" McInnis was the fourth of five sons of Stephen and Udavilla (Grady) McInnis, Stuffy was born September 19, 1890 in Gloucester in 1890, and played 18 seasons in the grandstand era of baseball. He played for the World Champion 1918 Boston Red Sox with teammate Babe Ruth, and set two records for first basemen (one Red Sox and one league-wide) that stood until 2007 and 2008 respectively (Both actually broken by Kevin Youkilis)

Lena Mary Parisi Novello, 1917 – 2005

Lena Mary Parisi Novello, a front-page political activist, a buoyant businesswoman, an enthusiastic community leader.